Mahesh Matta

  Mahesh Matta ,  born on August 11 1972, is an Indian versatile actor and film producer. He has appearedin more than 30 Hindi films, and earned several awards, including 7 FilmFare Awards. The Government of India has awarded him the Padma Shri, the most honorable award in India. In terms of achievements, income, and fan following, Mahesh Matta is described as one of the most successful film stars in the world. Mahesh began his career by acting in several Indian television series, and made his Bollywood debut in 1995 with Deewana. After the success of his first film, Mahesh started getting more offers for movies produced by most famous producers and directors of Bollywood. Earlier, Mahesh Matta was very famous for his villainous roles in movies. As he began to settle in the industry, he started doing various other roles, he was very good at performing romantic roles, and after taking up such roles in his upcoming movies, that's how India got it's Romance King of Bollywood- The